The McLoughlin Gallery
is pleased to present

“The Leader is Present”

Max Papeschi Solo Exhibition

The McLoughlin Gallery presents The Leader is Present a solo exhibition of Italian artist Max Papeschi focusing on Kim Jong Un.
Max Papeschi proposes an alternative exhibition in which he is the curator who calls the most important (both live and dead) artists of modern and contemporary art who conquer the great leader through Kim-side-specific revisions of their most famous works.

The exhibition is part of the multimedial project Welcome to North Korea (welcometonorthkorea.org) that was created with the support of Amnesty International Italy to make know the crimes and the human rights violations perpetrated by North Korean regime.

Pretending to be the newly elected Ambassador of North Korea’s propaganda, Papeschi creates a fake campaign of sympathy that obviously aims to show the horrors of dictatorship through a lazy key.

Thanks to a series of installations, videos, exhibitions, performances and even board games and video games Max Papeschi re-creates a dystopic reality, in which the absurd atmosphere of Kim Jong Un’s country imprisons the visitor.
The concentration camp is a funny jumper-inflatable for kids called Pyongyang Playground, the mascotte of the country is the colorful bomb SpongeBomb, the board game “Guess Who?” is changed in “Guess Un?”, there are not Teletubbies but Kim-Tubbies and the videogame is a very psychological torture, you must play, but you can’t win, Kim wins always, obviously. The face of the Leader is everywhere like a Big Big Big Brother, but more dangerous, because, like a zombie, he infects everything, he’s on the TV, in the art, in the games, in the public spaces, in the videos, in the music.

This is Welcome to North Korea that arrives in the US on September 15 presenting the show The Leader is Present in San Francisco!

Special thanks to our main sponsor Simone Sacchi (Neon Gallery).

Photo Nadia Andreini


Opening: September 16, 2017 3 pm – 5.30 pm

McLoughlin Gallery

49 Geary Street, Suite 200, San Francisco

Duration: September 15, 2017 – October 14, 2017

For more information, please 986-4799 or visit www.mgart.com

Joan McLoughlin

PROJECT MANAGER (Welcome to North Korea/The Leader is Present)
Flavia Vago